Zechariah Zheng

Senior BD Manager


• Zechariah has a profound experience in blockchain industry and technology. Prior to DLF, he served as a Senior Manager for PLMP Fintech and led the team of their crypto-exchange. He also lead their business development team and acquired/delivered various blockchain projects in relation to STO, crypto-payment system for a food court and a supply-chain optimization solution. Prior to PLMP Fintech, he founded and managed his own cryptocurrency arbitrage fund and also worked as a freelance investor/financial advisor for Etoro. He started his career as an investment banker at OCBC Bank’s market research, capital markets and IPO divisions.

• He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Curtin University and a Master of Science (Finance) from University College Dublin.

Areas of Expertise


OCBC Bank, Investment Banking Market


Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Fund, Founder


PLMP Fintech, Senior Manager