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We work with enterprise customers to test and implement blockchain solutions suitable for unique, complex business models. We aim to help customers achieve growth and improve efficiency with a curated solution for each business.

- Software development

  • Offshore development center (ODC): skills-based software development and technical management services
  • Offshore development lab: provide long term resources for business-facing products and services
  • Specification-based offshore development: various specialists to implement the agreed specifications on schedule

- Consulting

  • Blockchain: online and on-site business/technical consultation on product research and analysis
  • IT: Project management (scoping and planning), business process design, system and solution architecture design, development of specifications

- POC consulting and blockchain mentoring

  • POC (”Proof-of-Concept) Consulting: support enterprise clients in their PoC works including project scoping and planning, business process design, system and solution architecture design, development of the specifications, and project management
  • Blockchain mentoring: mentoring by senior blockchain specialists

Challenges and solutions

In the blockchain industry, many projects conclude at its trial stage and fail to advance to commercialization or even research for its commercialization.

The key to innovation is to organically connect technology based on accumulated excellent basic/applied research to the actual complex and unique business issues

Example : Smart Contracts


  • reduction of contract management costs
  • thorough execution of contract rules, etc.


  • how to ensure the accuracy of external information which triggers the execution of smart contracts
  • how to ensure the consistency between the programmed rules and the laws/regulations, etc.

Optimal combination with IoT (“Internet of Things”) devices to accurately import external information and clarifying the legal rights and obligations within the existing legal framework can be the keys to real solution.


In this case, it is necessary to combine blockchain technology, IoT and other technologies and legal consideration for the blockchain solution to be actually applied in the society.

OIO will provide holistic consulting and software development services, deeply discuss with each client and introduce a solution which solves the actual business/social issues by combining blockchain with other technologies as necessary.


Strong software
development partners

Past development

track record


engineering processes

  • Our consulting team will assist you in building the business model and confirm the legal compliance in cooperation with legal specialists. Our network covers multiple counties in Asia, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, etc. and can be leveraged for the localization of the blockchain projects.


  • The suitable professionals and engineers from our group will make sure you can avoid common mistakes in blockchain software development and can reduce costs and time for completing the development.


  • One of the software development companies we work with – Infinity Blockchain Group – was founded in 2015 as one of the oldest companies specialized in blockchain technology in Asia. IBG successfully delivered more than 20 development projects in the past in various industries.

modules and apps to re-use


  • Infinity Blockchain Group has existing modules and apps which can be expanded and customized to realize specific requirements of each customer. Leveraging them can shorten the costs and time for the blockchain software development drastically.

True Random Numbers for gaming industry and businesses

Secured Crypto Asset Management Solution for Businesses

Blockchain-based traceability solutions

Ultimate Ecosystem for Blockchain Mass Adoption

Flexible service offerings


  • We offer our services based on the requirements of each customer – ranging from specification-based development to to offshore development lab dedicated to your projects.


  • We also offer proof-of-concept (PoC) consulting and blockchain mentoring support for start-ups to achieve the PoC with your limited time and budget.

Blockchain Applications In Industries

Past Development Track Record of Infinity Blockchain Group

- (Finance/Exchange)

Singapore-based digital assets exchange that targets to provide exchange services that meet global compliance regulations with high levels of security for customers.

  • Wallet solution
  • Security consultancy and implementation for MAS compliance


Building a staking pool platform that allows users to stake tokens to earn rewards.

  • offshore development service for the whole project scope of work
    related to COSMOS, IRIS, TEZOS, ETHEREUM from the first stage with the main
    features of staking pool, Dapp staking and User Wallet (Web and Mobile)


A decentralized exchanges, in which cryptocurrency exchange is operated without a central authority. Decentralized exchanges allow peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies, prevent price manipulation or faked trading volume.

- (KYC)

A comprehensive set of features make indispensable for seamless onboarding of the customers. Users create a pre-verified identity before signing up for your service, meaning that documentation delivery and verification is streamlined.

  • Mobile app
  • Admin console (For the clients to manager KYC users send via mobile app)
  • API toolkit

- (Gaming)

The first fully compliant blockchain lottery in the world developed on the breakthrough Ethereum blockchain technology. It aims to transform the conventional lottery sector for the better and has the potential to change the world of gaming.

  • providing offshore R&D labs for the whole project from the first stage with the key features (KYC, payment, all gaming modules) and system operation.

- (Supply chain/farming)

Blockchain-based traceability solution to a premium chocolate company to control information flow optimally in storing and retrieving information accurately and quickly and fully control product quality and help their customers to check the product information.

Example of Grants Available

Startup SG Founder

Startup SG Founder

Startup SG Founder provides mentorship and startup capital grant of S$30,000 to first-time entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Startups are required to raise and commit S$10,000 as co-matching fund to the grant.



The MAS Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) Proof of Concept (POC) scheme provides funding support for experimentation, development and dissemination of nascent innovative technologies in the financial services sector.

STB Business Improvement

STB Business Improvement

She Business Improvement Fund (BIF) aims to encourage technology innovation and adoption, redesign of business model and processes in the tourism sector to improve productivity and competitiveness.